Feel my Love


“I loved you whole heatedly, my emotions were true ..
You didn’t feel my love nor did you trust me coz of a few ..
I’ve missed you every sec of my day, I know how much I loved you ..
I did always mean what i said coz my love and my feelings were true ..
Life did put you across a test, a difficult and an easy one to choose ..
You picked up the easy choice giving me nothing but scars and bruise …
You wanted to kill some leisure time and knowing this my pain grew ..
I broke into pieces coz in my heart I drew a picture of me and you ..
But what hurts the most is that you didn’t trust me cuz of a few,
You failed to realize the emotions and my true love i had for you ..
You were afraid of the difficulties but were no more afraid of me to loose ..
Me yelling at the top of my voice that I love you but I sounded abstruse ..
Now you’re hurt only coz you feel empty without me ..
I endure this pain coz I did what was needed to be ..
I don’t expect you to come back coz you decided to walk away from me ..
I sacrificed my emotions and my love for your happiness by setting you free ..
Wish you could see deep down in my eyes, the love i still have for you ..
Wish you could feel the pain running through my veins, coz i still love you ..
What hurts the most is that you never felt my love for you ..
What would always hurt is that you didn’t trust me coz of few ..